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19 Mar 2013

Stoics Club History Project

Hello everyone

As the new season approaches you will start receiving emails more regularly from us and this is the first telling you of an interesting project which you can help with.

We are currently working on a history of The Stoics adding to the existing document by Martin Mendelsohn. The objectives of the project are as follows;

  1. To create a digital history of the club and make it widely accessible to members and others
  2. To allow members to add their own recollections and memories to a living document
  3. To publish the evolving document on which will have been especially constructed to hold the records of the leading nomadic cricket clubs

Ken Whitehouse has been working on collating the information we have and we will publish this document as a 'work in progress' PDF.

We would then like to call on anybody who is interested to post thoughts ideas, images press cuttings, personal recollections or just notes on what has already been contributed onto the club forum section of the website at where I will post an item specifically for this purpose. Photographs will be particularly useful and valued and can be scanned and return if you are not in possession of the right equipment to be able to do this and email copies to us!

Otherwise you may just wish to email me at should you not feel technically accomplished enough to do any of the above.

We are seeking to add personal recollections and memories to the rather 'dry' material we currently have.

I am also hoping to appoint a cricket statistician very soon whose task it will be to collate the 100 years plus of match records and score sheets into the history.

To see the Stoics History site and post your anecdotes and suggestions click here Stoics History.