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2021 Fixtures
Date Day Opponents Time Venue
30/06/2021 Wed Welwyn Garden City 11:30AM Welwyn Garden City
03/08/2021 Tues Cuckfield 11:30AM Cuckfield CC
05/08/2021 Thurs Old Hurst Johnians 11:30AM Hurstpierpoint College
15/08/2021 Sun Nomads 11:30AM Ascott Park
19/08/2021 Thurs Incogniti 11:30AM Finchley CC
03/09/2021 Fri Forty Club 11:30AM Chingford CC

2019 Plumbly Lunch and AGM

Plumbly Lunch and Stoics AGM, Friday 29th November 2019

The 2019 Plumbly Lunch and AGM took place at the East India Club, 16 St James’s Square. The lunch was held in memory of our past President, the legend that was Gerald Plumbly. It was an opportunity for Stoics and old friends to get together to remember the great man.

Stoics Cricket Club

Welcome to Stoics CC

The Stoics CC was founded in 1877 as a wandering club which only play midweek cricket , mostly against the strongest clubs in the London and the Home Counties.

The name is derived from the school of philosophy founded on the teachings of Zeno of Citium, (333 BC - 264 BC).

Stoicism teaches that self-control, fortitude and detachment from distracting emotions, sometimes interpreted as an indifference to pleasure or pain, allows one to become a clear thinker, level-headed and unbiased. A primary aspect of Stoicism would be described as improving the individual’s spiritual well-being.

The ethos of Zeno is still to be found in club members, some of whom have played test cricket, the latest, being Tom Westley, Trevor Gripper (Zimbabwe), Adam Gilchrist (Australia), Danny Morrison (New Zealand), Aamir Sohail (Pakistan), and Raman Subba Row CBE.

However members of lesser note still distinguish themselves and the club by their competitive spirits,  individualistic natures and simply their love of cricket. No-one epitomised this more than our President for many years, Gerald Plumbly.

Whilst the Stoics are proud of being a very 'English' club into which members have to be elected, we are not a pretentious club, welcoming all those who share our passion, love of the game and it's spirit. 

Stoics C.C. is famous for creating the Law of Declaration explained in the Club History section and prides itself upon it's high standard of competitive cricket, fixtures and sociability.  

We are always looking for new members, so if you wish to play for us, or against us please contact us through the site.

Lastly, please join this site and complete the availability section, if you are a current players, so that we can use the site for selection and administration.

Chris Heron on behalf of the Committee


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